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BounceBan verifies all kinds of emails and shines at verifying emails that are catch-all or protected by SEGs (Secure Email Gateway). We don't simply mark all catch-alls as risky like others do - we help you identify those that are deliverable indeed while achieving excellent overall delivery rates.

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for catch-alls

Not all catch-alls are risky. Powered by proprietary algorithms, BounceBan is the only solution that can reliably verify the true deliverability for more than 83% emails that are catch-all or protected by SEGs (Secure Email Gateway).

Office 365 emails
Google workspace emails
Yahoo emails
Major Email Security Gateways
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More deliverable or undeliverable emails,
guaranteed delivery rate

In bulk verification tests, BounceBan consistently identified more (avg. 40%) deliverable or undeliverable emails while achieving similar or better overall delivery rates than all competitors.

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